Karajan Music Tech Conference 2024

My highlights from this year's conference.

Karajan Music Tech Conference 2024

This year’s Karajan Music Tech Conference in Salzburg was a standout. The image above shows my amazing team at the Karajan Institute. They do such an outstanding job creating this conference. Thank you so much!

Karajan Music Tech wasn’t just a conference; it was a convergence of around 25 experts from the worlds of music, tech, neuroscience, and AI (as well as ca 250 fabulous visitors).

What made this edition extra special to me was seeing Nikolai Ardey the head of Volkswagen’s R&D team among us. It underlined the diverse interest in merging music with technology, highlighting the conference’s broad appeal and impact.

A personal highlight? Moises Horta’s concert. Using AI in electronic music, he didn’t just perform; he demonstrated the untapped potential of AI as a creative partner. It’s performances like these that make me proud of the strides we’ve taken in integrating technology with music over the last eight years.

And to top it off, we got a sleek recap video courtesy of Volkswagen Group Culture (shot and edited by Hannes Wichmann). It’s not just a look back at the conference but a glimpse into the future of music tech.