A few days ago I posted the following experiment on my personal LinkedIn account:

But why oh why?

Well, the same question could be asked about your instagram, tiktok or whatever account. First of all it is fun. Second it is another outlet for you to tell your personal story, whatever it might be.

If you wonder how I did it...

  1. I recorded the conversation with the journalist on my cell phone
  2. I then transcribed the audio in Descript which does a great job in German, English and I am sure in other languages as well. What I like about it in particular is that it can detect the individual speakers.
  3. I exported a particularly interesting (to me) part to a text file
  4. I edited the text in ChatGPT, asking it to rephrase it into a personal statement. I find that ChatGPT is particularly good at doing these kinds of tasks.
  5. I then asked ChatGPT to translate the text into English.
  6. To create the audio, I used my professional voice clone that I made in Elvenlabs (www.elevenlabs.io)
  7. The video was created with D-ID (Thanks Jovanka v. Wilsdorf for the tip).

Personal AI Agents

Perhaps some of you think that a personal AI Agent that looks, talks and writes like you is an absurd idea at best. Perhaps some of you think it's the stuff of dystopian science fiction. I believe that this is quite a possible future, and not too distant either.