Art + Tech Conference: A Convergence of Creative Minds

Art + Tech Conference: A Convergence of Creative Minds

On October 16, I had the immense pleasure of co-hosting and moderating an inspiring event at the Scharoun Theater in Wolfsburg – “Art and Tech”, a collaboration between Volkswagen Group – Culture and the Eliette and Herbert von Karajan Institute. Our discourse navigated the fascinating intersections of AI and knowledge systems, explored through the lenses of artists, musicians, engineers, and technologists.

The panel we curated for the day consisted of visionaries like Dr. Kathrin Wilkens Volkswagen Group Innovation, Dr.-Ing. Mohsen Sefati from CARIAD, artist ROMAN LIPSKI, musician Portrait XO, and curator Dr. Nadim Samman from the KW Institute for Contemporary Art. A special segment of the conference was enriched by an interview with the legendary music producer and DJ, Max Lenz aka Westbam.

The conference was followed by a performance of “Westbam meets Wagner” with Oscar Jockel, the Mendelssohn Orchestra Academy and of course Westbam himself.

A key takeaway was seeing professionals from various fields discuss the impact of AI on their work and creative processes, highlighting its influential role in both technology and the arts.

Thanks to my partners at Volkswagen, Benita von Maltzahn and Lars-Eric Schuldt as well as Brian O’Connor from Rethink and my team at the Karajan Institute for the geat collaboration!

Photos by Philipp Gladsome

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