Dimensions – Digital Art since 1859

Dimensions – Digital Art since 1859

Some impressions from the exhibition

Some impressions from the opening of „Dimensions – Digital Art from 1859“ (!) The Leipzig exhibition is the brainchild of Walter Smerling as well as Jan Hiesserich and Paula Cipierre and is really fabulously curated by Richard Castelli, Dr. Dan Xu and Clara Blume, Ph.D. with works by over 60 artists among them Refik Anadol and my absolute favorite, Ryoji Ikeda.

It was surprising to see how ideas that we would consider „digital“ were developed even before computers were invented. For instance a small figurine by Francois Willeme that was crafted after a 360degree image taken from 24 photographs. Or a 3d water sculpture created by valves that are controlled by a computer.

The opening also featured a podium discussion on Art and AI with Dr. Dan Xu Tim Höttges of Deutsche Telekom, Alex Karp of Palantir and Sigmar Gabriel of Atlantikbrücke (Sponsors of the exhibition) and Ulf Langheinrich, moderated by Dunja Hayali.

I hope many of you can see this really cool show.

Perhaps you want to join on June 2-3 when I am participating in the Symposion of the exhibition! 🙂