AI and Us: A Journey of Collaboration, Creativity, and Evolution

I just gave an interview for a German Stundent Radio Show. Here are the main takeaways as summarized by ChatGPT4.

AI and Us: A Journey of Collaboration, Creativity, and Evolution
  1. AI and Human Collaboration: I am a proponent of an ongoing collaboration between humans and AI. I firmly believe that whether or not to delegate certain tasks to AI is a matter of personal decision. I don’t perceive any barriers to this and I think it’s completely up to individuals or groups to decide how much they want to integrate AI into their workflow.
  2. Creativity Can Be Learned: I strongly disagree with the assertion that creativity can’t be taught and that it is exclusively a human characteristic. In my view, creativity is just another learnable skill that can be improved upon over time. Furthermore, I believe that machines can potentially possess the ability to be creative. I define creativity as the capacity to create new things that are useful in a particular context. I see no reason why a computer would be incapable of this.
  3. AI Doesn’t Replace Jobs; It Changes Them: Contrary to popular belief, I don’t subscribe to the notion that AI will replace jobs. Instead, I am of the opinion that AI will alter the tasks that make up a job. Take the role of a radiologist as an example. Even if AI is better at analyzing images for certain types of cancer, it doesn’t mean that the job of a radiologist will become redundant. Rather, the role evolves to incorporate new tasks. While some professions might undergo more significant changes than others due to AI, the idea is not about job elimination but job evolution.
  4. AI in Music: I foresee an increase in human creative output as AI can take over tasks that require intense training. This will enable more people to compose music without conventional training. Additionally, I predict that composers will have to think about how to adapt their style using AI and how to instruct AI to compose in their style. This will lead to increased collaboration between humans and AI. I also believe that the impact of AI is already discernible in how we consume music, with algorithms recommending what listeners might enjoy next.
  5. AI is the New Norm: I maintain that in the future, nobody will question whether AI was involved in a process or product because AI will be the standard, much like digital music making is today.

Overall, I emphasize the need for humans to learn to adapt to a rapidly changing work landscape influenced by AI. Rather than perceiving this as a loss of jobs, I see it as an evolution of roles.